Thorpe Primary School, Peterborough

About This Project

The existing school, which is in good condition, was required to increase its intake and add 7 new additional teaching classrooms. A landlocked site with residential land to all 4 sides, the existing facilities and spaces work well and any changes needed to take this into consideration. The 1 FE addition has developed in the shape of 2 new blocks, one attached to the school for KS1, and a second independent block for the final year of KS2. They have been placed to minimise impact and disturbance.


We wanted to maintain a link to the school, but also retain the visual/current route to the back hard play area. This along with the building proximity/construction zone, we positioned the buildings 5m off the existing building, with one of them retaining a physical link that can be built in phases. The second block is detached and for the final year group of the school, giving them a feel of independence before moving to secondary school.


Peterborough City Council